American Cybernetics, Inc.
Paramount Pool & Spa Systems - Automatic In-Floor Cleaning & Circulation for Swimming Pools
Paramount Pool & Spa Systems

Role: Supervised the staff, production, and content. Procured advertising banner partnerships with relevant sites, and conducted research to determine the socio-economic and pschogenic information of the site's visitors.

Role: Responsible for maintenance, creation of online product catalogue, and developing new content. Created pre-dominantly with hand-coded HTML, with some DreamWeaver use. Averaged 200,000 hits a month
Alamo Heights Pool Sharks
Valley Metro

Role: Responsible for entire site from concept to creation. Created predominantly with hand-coded HTML with some use of javascript. Created the swim team's logo and identity. Submitted the site to search engines and maintained a top-ten return on all key search words.

Role: Supervised all content and conceptualization. Hired all web staff. Orchestrated the transfer of the site files from a public domain to a private host provider to increase flexibility as well as to ensure facilitation of future technology growth. Researched, procured, and marketed a new domain name.

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